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Until 2567
The year in Thailand -543
International year : 2024


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We established our travel agency Hansathai Travel in Bangkok in 1990.

From August 1990 to August 2007 we organized trips to Asia for our clients, French, Swiss and Canadian travel agencies.
In Thailand but also in Indonesia and China directly with our teams.
In Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam with our local partners.

In 2005 the Hansathai website was already offering its services to direct internet customers. Hansathai customers then come from France but also from Belgium, Switzerland, Reunion, Italy, Portugal, Madagascar, Japan and China.

At Hansathai Travel;
the bosses also travel
And not just a little...
and that is not new !


She is Thai of Chinese origin and knows Asia and Thailand perfectly well, having worked as a professional guide for years. Then lived in France for 23 years with a unique knowledge of western specificities and local realities in Asia.

She participates in prospecting for new Hansathai Travel trips around the world.

The best training for decades to run Hansathai Travel Service and offer the best guarantee of seriousness and efficiency.

He dreamed of travels until the age of 18.

These first trips to discover this small planet concretize his dreams from elsewhere and reinforce his passion: Organizing unusual trips for his customers.

In the most remote regions, in the heart of the Sahara, in Black Africa, in Asia Minor and finally in Asia of course (mainly in Thailand, Indonesia, China and Tibet).

Has lived a large part of his life in all these countries; for personal trips of several months at the beginning but very quickly for his travel agency with offices in Thailand, China and Indonesia.

A life divided between travels around the world and days at the office; for Hansathai Travel for 1/3 of a century!

- It is this meeting which is at the origin of Hansathai Travel (1st office created in Thailand in 1990).

- It is this specificity that makes our efficiency and our professionalism.

- It is 1/3 of a century of experience in the organization of trips which is at your service with Hansathai Travel.

At present we devote ourselves to the creation and organization of trips for our "Direct Internet" customers.
Our experience, our presence in Thailand and the time we devote to each client allows us to offer you :

A private individual trips
As a couple, as a family
or with friends

At Hansathai Travel
the bosses travel too !

- 2007 / 2011
- Sahara and Black Africa Expedition
- In search of the wild elephants of Gourma.
- 43,375 Km in old 4 well drive truck
(equivalent to a world tour around the equator)


We are at your disposal for any information, estimate, reservation of your travels in Asia.


Travel Agency
in Asia since 1990

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